The greatest lesson came with the realization that good food cannot be reduced to single ingredients. It requires a web of relationships to support it.
— Dan Barber

Great food. Healthy ecosystem.  

At the heart of La Junquera is a community of entrepreneurs, dedicated growers, students and academics. 

By learning about the land, this community continually improves how it treats its ecosystem, socially, environmentally and economically.

Our farm produce is affordable and beyond organic. We believe a healthy and diverse ecosystem is the key to abundant, safe and great tasting food.


Desertification is real.

Most food you find in stores now is produced in a way that harms the land it was grown on. Drylands, covering more than one third of Earth's surface, are particularly vulnerable. At present rate, 30-45% of Spain will have turned into desert halfway this century.



Here's how La Junquera will help stop desertification


Regenerative produce

La Junquera products and production methods are designed to have a positive footprint on carbon emissions, land fertility and biodiversity. Large scale and affordable while at the same time better tasting and good for nature.


Learning Village

Centrally located on the farm is La Junquera, the village. A centuries-old hamlet that used to house dozens of families. Until recently abandoned, the village features The Regeneration Academy, the Ecosystem Restoration camp and new families arriving.


Active Nature Restoration

One third of La Junquera is dedicated for nature, and nature only. We allocate land, identify restoration opportunities and co-finance nature restoration projects.