The Beating Heart of the Food System



Ecosystem Care


The landscape and local ecology are the foundation of La Junquera. A functional, biodiverse and beautiful ecosystem provides us with so much.

It provides food that is affordable, safe, great tasting and healthy, now and in the future. It provides carbon sequestration. And it makes a place people simply want to be. 


Restoration projects

La Junquera (co-)finances and initiates restoration projects for specific species and biotopes. 

Habitat and corridors

In addition to non-arable land, we dedicate and shape arable land at key locations to create and connect habitats for wildlife. 


beyond Organic

All of our cultivation methods are designed with soil quality and ecology in mind. 


A great way to create safe habitat and to accelerate carbon sequestration is to plant endemic tree species. It makes the landscape a lot more attractive, too.